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Your Guide to Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

At Desert Eyesthetics, we specialize in oculofacial plastic surgery, improving both the appearance and function of the structures around the eye. Dr. Garcia, our skilled and experienced oculoplastic surgeon, will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the ideal solution to achieve the best possible results. You can always count on our team for trusted care that exceeds your expectations.  

What Is Oculofacial Plastic Surgery? 

Oculofacial plastic surgery is a specialized field dedicated to reconstructive and cosmetic procedures involving the eyelids, eyebrows, tear ducts, and structures surrounding the eye. It includes two categories: reconstructive and cosmetic. 

  • Reconstructive: These procedures aim to restore normal function and appearance following disease, injury, or congenital defects. They may include repairing eyelids that droop or turn inward or outward or correcting tear duct problems. 
  • Cosmetic: These procedures are generally performed to address signs of aging or cosmetic concerns around the eyes. They may include eyelid lifts to reduce puffiness and excess skin, brow lifts, and under-eye surgery to enhance your appearance. 

Featured Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Options

At Desert Eyesthetics, we offer a range of oculofacial plastic surgery options tailored to your unique needs. The following is a look at the some of our featured procedures provided right here at our Gilbert practice: 

Dermatochalasis – Droopy Eyelids: Patients over 40 sometimes develop dermatochalasis, characterized by droopy eyelids or excessive upper or lower eyelid skin, which can lead to a sad or tired appearance. This condition usually results from genetics, decreased skin elasticity, weakened connective tissues, thyroid issues, congenital conditions, or even smoking. If not treated, dermatochalasis can lead to impaired peripheral vision. Dr. Garcia may recommend a blepharoplasty procedure or an eyelid lift to improve your vision and restore your rested appearance. 

Ptosis – Droopy Upper Eyelid: Ptosis typically occurs due to the paralysis or weakening of the muscles that lift the upper eyelids, usually due to trauma, infection, congenital conditions or prolonged use of contact lenses. If not treated, ptosis can interfere with your peripheral and general vision. Treatment usually involves tightening the lifting muscles, but if they’re too weak, Dr. Garcia may use synthetic materials to support eyelid function. If the eyelid has excess skin, you may also need a blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift. 

Ectropion – Sagging Eyelids That Turn Outward: Ectropion typically develops due to aging as the eyelids and tendons stretch but can also result from trauma, facial paralysis, or eyelid growths. It is characterized by eyelids, usually the lower ones, sagging and turning outward. That can create a gap between the eyelid and eyeball, exposing the inner lid surface and leading to irritation, dryness, tearing, crusting, and sensitivity to light. Ectropion surgery restores the affected eyelid’s health, function, and appearance. 

Entropion – Eyelids That Turn Inward: Entropion typically affects the lower eyelids, usually due to aging, trauma, or scarring. It is characterized by your eyelids turning inwards, which can cause the eyelashes to scrape against the eye’s surface. That can lead to pain, redness, irritation, excessive tearing, and light sensitivity. Without treatment, entropion can cause permanent damage to the cornea and lead to vision loss. Dr. Garcia will reattach the loose muscle and tighten the eyelid tendon, alleviating your symptoms and safeguarding your vision. 

Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery: If skin cancer develops on the eyelids, the goal is to remove the malignant cells while preserving as much of the eyelids as possible. Mohs surgery, usually performed by a dermatologist, is the preferred method to remove the cancer cells. However, treatment may cause damage to the eyelashes, tear ducts, or nearby periocular structures. Dr. Garcia performs reconstructive surgery to repair or rebuild the eyelid, minimizing functional or aesthetic concerns.  

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

Contact Desert Eyesthetics to learn more about our oculofacial plastic surgery. From a subtle lift to an eyelid reconstruction, we offer a range of options to repair and restore the appearance and function of the structures around your eyes and nearby facial areas. Dr. Garcia is board-certified in ophthalmology with specialized training in oculofacial plastic surgery, ensuring you receive expert care and the best possible treatment outcomes. We invite you to call 480-454-7130 to schedule your appointment today!