Reconstructive Surgery
After MOHS, In Gilbert, AZ

All of the different types of skin cancer can occur on the eyelids. Basal Cell is the most common, followed by squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Since it is important to remove the cancer while saving as much surrounding normal skin as possible in order to preserve the function of the eyelids, Mohs surgery is the preferred technique to remove the cancer. This is done by a dermatologist who is specially trained in the Mohs technique. After the cancer has been removed, the resulting defect in the eyelid can be small, medium or large depending on how aggressive the cancer was. The defect can include the eyelashes, tear ducts and surrounding peri-ocular structures and requires specialized treatment to repair the eyelids and reduce the possibility of functional or cosmetic problems. An oculoplastic surgeon can perform the delicate procedures needed to fix any size defect or rebuild an entire eyelid if needed.