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Eye Twitching – Should I Be Concerned?

Eye Twitching - Should I Be Concerned?

Most people have had a temporary brush with eye twitching, which often results from tiredness, lack of sleep, or stress. For some, however, eyelid twitching is a chronic concern, a condition known as blepharospasm. Dr. Garcia and her team at Desert Eyesthetics are pleased to offer Botox treatment for eye-twitching with real, lasting relief. You can always count on our experienced oculoplastic surgeon for outstanding care and service. 

Blepharospasm – An Overview

Blepharospasm is a condition characterized by repeated blinking or other eyelid movements, such as twitching, that you cannot control. It affects women two to four times as often as men and usually develops between 40 and 60 years of age. 

Early signs of blepharospasm usually appear in one eye, then gradually move to the next. The exact causes of blepharospasm often go unknown. However, It sometimes occurs due to dry eye or as a response to eye movements, head movements, stress, wind, and bright light. Even noise, fatigue, alcohol, or smoking can trigger eye blinking and twitching. 

Aside from blepharospasm, some patients suffer from hemifacial spasms, which can cause muscle shaking and spasms only on one side of the face, starting with the eyelid and extending to the cheek and mouth. The spasms begin intermittently and increase gradually until they occur almost continuously. While painless, the condition often resembles having seizures, which can cause emotional distress and embarrassment. 

What Are the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Blepharospasm? 

Common signs and symptoms of blepharospasm include the following: 

  • Dry eye
  • Increased rates of blinking
  • Eye twitching
  • Eyelid and eyebrow spasms
  • Eye pain
  • Headaches
  • Eye tics
  • Difficulty opening the eyes

Conditions that often occur with blepharospasm include ptosis (droopy eyelids), dermatochalasis (excess skin in the upper or lower eyelid), or entropion (eyelids turned inward). Dr. Garcia will help you manage any of these conditions with superior, long-lasting results.

How Is Blepharospasm Treated? 

The most effective treatment for blepharospasm, as well as hemifacial spasms, is often as simple as Botox. The injectable neuromodulator relaxes the facial muscles causing the twitching, relieving your symptoms, and restoring your quality of life. 

During your procedure, Dr. Garcia will inject small amounts of Botox into your eyelid muscles to relax and ease the spasms. The dramatic treatment results generally last three to four months, after which you will need retreatment to maintain your confident, twitch-free appearance. 

Why Choose Desert Eyesthetics for Botox Treatment?

Botox treatments have shown great success in the long-term treatment of blepharospasm when administered by a skilled professional. An oculoplastic surgeon has specialized training and expertise to not only treat eyelid spasms but also to address any drooping of eyelids that sometimes follows treatment. 

Dr. Garcia always takes the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. She will explain the procedure to you and what to expect. Her incredible skill and gentle care will ensure your eye Botox treatments are comfortable, easy, and virtually painless, leaving you with lasting relief. 

Other Things You Can Do to Help

Aside from Botox treatment, there are some things you can do to help. Make sure you get enough sleep, practice stress management, and minimize or even eliminate caffeine. Some patients find relief when applying moist, warm compresses to their eyes. If you have dry eyes, using artificial tears or moisturizing eye drops several times can improve your symptoms. If you’d like more tips to minimize eye twitching, Dr. Garcia and her team are happy to help. 

Eye Twitching Treatment Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

Visit Desert Eyesthetics to learn more about our eye-twitching and excessive blinking solutions. Dr. Garcia will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the best option to relieve your symptoms. Enjoy state-of-the-art, expert care. Call us and schedule your appointment today!