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Say Goodbye to Droopy Eyelids

Say Goodby to Droopy Eyelids

If you’re in search of a solution to improve the appearance of droopy, puffy eyelids, your trusted team at Desert Eyesthetics is here to help. Dr. Garcia, our board-certified oculoplastic surgeon, is pleased to offer an eyelid lift known as blepharoplasty to make your eyes look younger, brighter, and more alert. 

Why Do Eyelids Droop?

As the years go by, the skin gradually decreases its production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that provide it with structure, strength, and elasticity. That, coupled with gravity, can cause excess upper or lower eyelid skin, resulting in droopy eyelids, a condition known as dermatochalasis. 

Dermatochalasis is common for people over age 50. While skin aging and loss of elasticity are the most common causes of eyelid drooping, it can also be hereditary or result from weak connective tissues, congenital illnesses, thyroid problems, or years of smoking. Severe eyelid sagging not only leaves you with a sad or tired appearance but can also obstruct your peripheral vision or leave you with a sense of heaviness in the eyelid.  

Blepharoplasty: All You Need to Know

Dr. Garcia, our acclaimed oculoplastic surgeon, will evaluate your unique needs and determine whether the condition is medical or cosmetic. She will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on your needs and lifestyle. 

In most cases, droopy eyelids are corrected using a procedure known as blepharoplasty. Upper blepharoplasty, commonly called an eyelid lift, can improve your peripheral vision and restore your youthful, radiant appearance. The outpatient procedure is typically completed under a local anesthetic and IV sedation for your comfort. 

Dr. Garcia will make a small incision within the eyelid crease and extend it as far outward as possible to address any redundant skin folds on the outside of the upper eyelid. Next, she will remove any excess skin and small pockets of fat. Dr. Garcia will contour and reshape the upper eyelid, leaving you with a more rested, bright appearance.  

What Should You Expect After Surgery?

Following your eyelid lift, make sure to follow our post-operative instructions to promote healing and take the pain medication we prescribe, as needed, to alleviate any minor discomfort. Dr. Garcia may recommend covering your eyes intermittently with cold gauze for a few days and may instruct you to sleep in an elevated position. You may experience blurry eyesight, which should soon resolve without intervention.

You may experience minimal bruising or swelling, which typically subsides within two weeks. You should be able to resume your usual daily activities in one to two weeks. Once the healing is complete, which may take a few months, you’ll be amazed at how fresh and youthful your eyes look!

Are You a Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

Candidates for blepharoplasty are generally men or women who are 30 years old or older, in good health, non-smokers, and individuals with no other eye conditions. Make sure to let Dr. Garcia know if you have any eye concerns, such as glaucoma, dry eye, or a detached retina, or if you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or thyroid disorders. Dr. Garcia will evaluate your medical history and unique concerns and help you determine whether an eyelid lift is right for you. 

Droopy Eyelid Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Contact Desert Eyesthetics to learn more about our safe and effective droopy eyelid solutions. Dr. Garcia will work with you to create a custom treatment plan, taking into account your unique needs and treatment goals. Are you ready to restore your youthful, rested appearance? We invite you to call 480-454-7130 to schedule your appointment today!