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What You Need to Know About Droopy Eyelids

What You Need to Know About Droopy Eyelids

Are you in search of a solution to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Your trusted team at Desert Eyesthetics is proud to offer eyelid lifts, also known as blepharoplasty. Dr. Garcia, our board-certified and highly experienced Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, utilizes cutting-edge surgical techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver dramatic results. You’ll love your new youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

All About Droopy Eyelids

Time and gravity have an effect on us all when it comes to the skin and muscles, including those of the eyelids. One cause of droopy eyelids is dermatochalasis, which develops when the skin and muscle stretch causing too large of a fold which can then “flop over” the lashes and upper lid edge. This creates a shadow on your vision and you must then rely on lifting your brows to raise the skin fold up off of your lashes.   Another cause of droopy lids is blepharoptosis, or ptosis.  Ptosis usually develops when the levator muscles, the muscles that lift the eyelids, stretch and weaken over time. The weaker the levator muscles, the harder it is to keep the eyes open.  While age is usually the culprit with dermatochalasis and ptosis, medical conditions such as eye injuries, surgery or nerve damage can leave the eyelids drooping and sagging. Genetics also play a big role in how your eyelids age.  Whatever the cause, droopy eyelids not only impact one’s appearance but can also limit or interfere with vision.

Blepharoplasty/Ptosis Repair: The Droopy Eyelids Solution

An eyelid lift involves removing excess skin and fat pads above the eyelid creases. The procedure results in your eyes looking younger and more vibrant while eliminating vision problems.

So, what happens during the procedure? Upper eyelid surgery is typically an outpatient surgery performed under local anesthesia for your comfort. Dr. Garcia will make a small incision hidden within the natural fold of the eyelid. She will extend the incision as far outward as possible to address any extraneous skin folds located on the outside of the upper eyelid. Next, she will remove any excess skin, a small strip of muscle, and small pockets of fat. If you are also having a ptosis repair, your eyelid lifting muscles are tightened at this point. Dr. Garcia will conclude the procedure by contouring the upper eyelid and reshaping it for a more youthful and rested appearance.

What Should You Expect During Recovery?

Following your eyelid lift, you will need to cover your eyes intermittently with cold gauze for a few days, and you’ll need to sleep in an elevated position. You may have temporary blurry eyesight, which is no cause for alarm. Pain medication, other than Tylenol, is normally not needed following eyelid surgery.

Patients often experience bruising or swelling, which typically subsides within seven to ten days after the eyelid lift. You should be able to resume your normal daily activities in about a week. The incision should begin to heal within one to two weeks, with complete healing taking place over a few months. Once the healing is complete, you’ll enjoy dramatic, long-lasting results!

Are You a Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

Candidates for blepharoplasty are generally patients that are 30 years old or older, non-smokers, in good health, and those with no other eye conditions. Talk to Dr. Garcia if you have eye problems such as glaucoma, dry eye, or a detached retina, or if you have thyroid disorders, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease to determine if an eyelid lift is right for you.

Droopy Eyelid Solutions in Gilbert, AZ

Visit Desert Eyesthetics to learn more about eyelid lifts for a refreshed and youthful appearance. Dr. Garcia will work with you to design a fully personalized treatment plan addressing your unique needs and desired treatment outcomes. Are you ready to look and feel your best? Call us and schedule your appointment today!