In Gilbert, AZ

Droopy eyelids (dermatochalasis) can cause you to look tired or sad, and can sometimes block your vision. Excess upper or lower eyelid skin is a condition known as dermatochalasis. A common condition for people over age 50, symptoms of dermatochalasis may affect one eye or both, and in some cases may cause impaired peripheral vision, an aching brow or a sensation of heaviness in the eyelid. The main causes of this excess skin are reduced skin elasticity, weak connective tissue, congenital illnesses, thyroid problems, smoking and hereditary. Dr. Garcia will determine if the condition is medical or cosmetic, and provide you with a treatment plan based on your individual needs and your lifestyle.


How is Dermatochalasis corrected?

Excess eyelid skin can be removed by a procedure called blepharoplasty. The upper eyelid blepharoplasty, commonly called an eye lift, can improve peripheral vision and reveal a more youthful, bright appearance to the eyes. This outpatient procedure is done with IV sedation and local anesthetic. Muscle and fat may also be removed from the eyelid, as well as excess fat causing puffiness in the nasal corner. Following surgery, you will experience minimal discomfort and some swelling and bruising, which should be gone within two weeks. Most patients can resume normal activities in one to two weeks.