In Gilbert, AZ

Do you long for the days when people told you, “My, what beautiful eyes you have”? Our eyes are often the first feature people notice about us. But the effects of aging, the environment, diet, health, smoking and the sun all take a toll on our eyes and eyelids. Droopy, saggy, baggy eyelids affect the natural shape of the eye and sometimes our vision, making us look and feel unhealthy and unattractive.


So let’s talk about how to get those healthy-looking, beautiful eyes back.


Cosmetic blepharoplasty is one of today’s most successful and popular procedures to improve the appearance and functionality of your eyelids and the area around your eyes. Desert Eyesthetics uses blepharoplasty to repair sagging, drooping eyelids, and to remove fatty deposits below the eyes and excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids. Sometimes the procedure is done in conjunction with a facelift, brow lift or laser skin resurfacing for a brighter, more youthful face.

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