Cheek Lift
In Gilbert, AZ

Are you are seeing heaviness below the cheeks or hollowness under the eyes? Maybe some sagging in the middle of the face, lines down from the outer corners of the mouth or folds along the side of the nose drooping toward the mouth? You’re thinking, “These signs of aging have got to go!”


You may be a candidate for a cheek lift or mid-face lift. This kind of surgery doesn’t involve a full facelift and it won’t radically change your appearance, but it can help you regain a tighter and brighter look. With extensive specialized oculoplastics training and experience, Dr. Garcia can perform a cheek lift to minimize the effects of aging.


The Procedure

There are several approaches to the cheek lift. Dr. Garcia will tailor an approach for your facial structure, skin and tissue conditions, and previous history of surgeries. The cheek lift procedure aims to raise the fat pad in the cheek, smooth furrows and tighten skin, giving a renewed fullness to the eyes and cheeks. Sometimes fat may be added under the skin surface to give a rounder, more three-dimensional contour. A midface lift can be combined with other procedures, including upper and lower blepharoplasty, for a brighter, younger look. Cheek lift results are usually more permanent than what injectables and soft tissue fillers can achieve.


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