• Connie C.

    In 2015, I had surgery on both upper and lower eyelids. I feel so fortunate that Dr. Garcia was the surgeon I was referred to by some of her patients. I found her to be very professional and at the same time warm and caring. She explained, in detail, what to expect before and after surgery and how to deal with any issues that might arise. After surgery, she kept in touch to see how I was doing. The eyelid procedures that she performed were very successful. My eyes no longer look tired and droopy, but, most importantly, my vision is much less obstructed. I’m so happy that I found Dr. Denise Garcia and would highly recommend her to others seeking eye surgery.

  • Becky U.

    I had upper and lower blepharoplasty on both eyes about 3 months ago. Dr. Garcia was awesome and I love my new look (without bags and droopy eyes). I especially like the fact that the procedure was not overdone. I still look like me, just more alert and not tired. Dr. Garcia was patient and answered all of my questions (and I had 4 pages!). I also liked the fact that Dr. Garcia is an ophthalmologist as well as an oculoplastic surgeon. Would definitely recommend her!

  • Nancy F.

    This past year I was diagnosed with an infiltrative basal cell carcinoma on the upper left eyelid. I was referred to Dr. Garcia who began the process of biopsy, referral for Moh’s surgery and then reconstructive work for my eyelid.

    From start to finish I felt I was in the competent hands of a caring professional.

    After the Moh’s surgery which was more extensive than anticipated, I was sure my eyelid could not be repaired. A few hours after the Moh’s Surgery I saw Dr. Garcia for reconstructive surgery and was immediately reassured my eyelid could in fact be repaired.

    To date, despite the loss of eyelashes, my eye looks normal, and no sign of cancer recurrence.  If the need should ever occur again, there is no question that Dr. Garcia will be my choice.

    Thank you Dr. Garcia and staff,

  • Allison R.

    “My upper eyelids always bothered me because they were droopy. The older I got, the worse it became. Finally I went to see Dr. Garcia about an “eyelid lift.” During my visit, Dr. Garcia explained the procedure, and answered all of my questions. I found Dr. Garcia to be so caring and knowledgeable that I decided to go ahead with a surgery even though I knew it was not medically necessary. That was about a year and half ago and I am so glad I  went forward with the procedure. Dr. Garcia did an excellent job! There was no scarring and you can’t even tell I had surgery!! During my recovery time she checked in with me to see how I was doing. I feel so fortunate to have found her!! She is an excellent and caring physician. “