Lower Eyelid Laxity
In Gilbert, AZ

Lower eyelid laxity is when the lower eyelids become loose. This is usually due to stretching out of the tendons. When the lids become too loose, they no longer protect the eyeball and redness, irritation and tearing become common symptoms. Lower eyelid laxity is commonly associated with increasing age, and can also be seen in Floppy Eyelid Syndrome (which is also associated with Sleep Apnea). In its most advanced stage, ectropion (turning out) of the lower lid results.


How is lower eyelid laxity corrected?

Surgery is required to tighten lax eyelids. During lower lid blepharoplasty, additional treatment may be needed to correct laxity and improve cosmetic appearance. Following surgery, you will experience minimal discomfort and some swelling and bruising, which should be gone within a few weeks. Depending on the extent of the surgery, most patients can resume normal activities in one to two weeks.