Lid Lesions / Bumps
In Gilbert, AZ

Eyelid lesions and bumps are mostly benign, but can be cancerous. Cysts, styes, chalazions (cysts caused by inflammation), keratosis (benign growths that may become pre-cancerous) and warts are among the lesions commonly found around the eye. Sometimes the lesions can irritate the eye, and often they are unattractive. It is important to have a specialist evaluate the lesion to determine if it is benign or malignant.


How are lid lesions and bumps corrected?

A visual examination will likely be inconclusive, so a biopsy may be necessary; if the lesion is growing or of a suspicious nature, removal will generally be recommended. Both of these procedures are most often outpatient, performed under local anesthetic. Some lesions can be observed and monitored for a period of time before determining the best course of action.