Dry Eye
In Gilbert, AZ

Our eyes naturally produce tears to keep our eyes moist and healthy. When something reduces or blocks the natural tearing process, the eyes become dry, a condition known simply as dry eye. Dry eye causes burning, a gritty feeling, blurry vision, tired eyes and excess tearing. This very common condition occurs due to a number of factors, including dry air from indoor heat and air conditioning, extended computer use, certain medications, contact lenses, smoking, hormonal changes, immune system disorders and other medical conditions and syndromes such as Grave’s Disease (thyroid). Dry eye can also be a symptom of or the result of another eye condition or treatment.


How is Dry Eye corrected?

Most dry eye symptoms can be relieved by removing the source, such as heat and air conditioning, or using eye drops or lubricants to keep the eyes moist. However, when dry eyes are caused by another ocular condition, surgery to correct the condition may relieve the dry eye symptom. An oculofacial plastic specialist can evaluate your symptoms and recommend the specific type of dry eye treatment for your situation.