What is Oculofacial Plastic Surgery?

According to the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS), Oculofacial plastic surgery is a fusion of the fields of aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery specializing in the face, orbits, eyelids and lacrimal system.

When choosing a surgeon for eyelid, lacrimal or orbital problems as well as for cosmetic facial surgery, it is important to consider the physician’s training in oculofacial plastic surgery. Dr. Garcia meets this important selection criteria.

Why Desert Eyesthetics?

  1. We’re oculoplastics specialists, trained in repairing and restoring the appearance and function of the structures around your eyes and adjacent facial areas.
  2. Denise Garcia, M.D. is board certified in ophthalmology and has advanced specialized training in oculofacial plastic surgery.
  1. Patients are referred to Dr. Garcia by physicians and patients across the state and outside Arizona.
  2. Our practice is built on care, trust and relationship.

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What makes Desert Eyesthetics different?

Having surgical procedures done around your eyes can be very concerning. At Desert Eyesthetics, the difference is more than our highly specialized skills and training: it’s about care, trust and relationship. We take the time to carefully explain your condition and the procedure needed to correct it; we feel it’s important for you to make a fully informed decision

We strive to build a relationship with you that’s based on trust. When you’re comfortable with the decision to proceed, we’ll provide the compassionate care you deserve before, during and after treatment.

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